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Bath time fluff
What I intended to submit for LGBT month on DA. And I ended up missing the deadline... typical. It is orange (healing). I just thought the concept was cute (y'know, seeing two adult cats grooming each other is always adorable).
Anyway, the lady on the left is a manticore, while the one on the right is a felinian (cat-person). That's why their ears and so-on are different.
This is one of my (many, many) characters from my manga "C". He goes by the name "One". You get three guesses as to what the manga's about :D.
The style in "C" is simpler than the style I use in Stormbow. It's what I draw when I want to draw something silly.
So, is she going to enter the creepy tower or not?  I wouldn't, raining or not... but it's the artist's vow to not interfere with the story, so I can't tell her that.
Finally, another page! I'm starting to regret making that tower so complicated... but it's awesomeeeee...
I've also been reminded how fun it is to draw SFX.
If the tower seems familiar, it's because it is! I've already drawn it quite a few times...

What do you mean wood doesn't look like that



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1. you have to post ALL the RULEZ
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve of your own to tag other users to reply
3. Choose 12 victims to tag muahahaha u r evil
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people or die
5. You can NOT say you don't do tags, becuz dats bad!!1!  
6. Tag backs are TOTALLY ALLOWED 'k?!
7. You must do in a journal entry, ok ok?

What is your most favorite thing to do when online?
2.) Do you like puns? Why or wynaut? (I COULDN'T RESIST.)
3.) Are you Extroverted or Introverted? (Take a personality test to find out. .3.)
4.) What kind of art do you excel in? (Arts include music, literature, drawing, etc.)
5.) Do you like science?
6.) Do you have other nicknames that you go by other than your DA name?
7.) Have you ever played a Pokemon game? (Pokemon GO does not count.)
8.) Who's your most favorite Youtuber?
9.) Is 159 prime?
10.) Have you ever lost a loved one? (Like a dog, cat, family member, friend, etc.)
11.) What's your most favorite character from Undertale?
12.) Do you watch T.V?

1) Play video-games, listen to music, read fanfictions... the list goes on.
2) No. I despise them. (do I sense a Sans around?)
3) Introverted
4) I'm good at drawing (and painting), but I play the piano as well, and I like building things too.
5) Oh yes. Science is one of my fav subjects at school.
6) Not really... my name is short, so people usually just go by that. Or Stormy.
7) Nope!
8) Dis hard, man. Good Mythical Morning, probably. Thefinebros too, though.
9) No. It can be divided by 3.
10) Yes.
11) Aaaaaaaaad heeeeeeeeere it is! Papyrus and Undyne, nyehehehe.
12) No. I don't even have TV in my house...

I'm gonna end this tagline here, as usual.


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